How To Maintain Curls In A Body Wave Human Hair Wig

How To Maintain Curls In A Body Wave Human Hair Wig

The body wave human hair wig is one of the most fashionable wigs present in the market. The body wave hair has an S pattern curl that provides the wig with a natural luster. Additionally, the body wave hair curls require maintenance to maintain a natural and popular look. A well-maintained wig can help to enhance one’s confidence. Below are the best ways to maintain the curls in a body wave human hair wig.

1. Keep the body wave human hair wig clean

Many people fear cleaning their body wave wig. They think that cleaning the wig will straighten out the curls. But, that is not true. Keeping your body wave wig clean will ensure it maintains a good and healthy condition. The only consideration to make while cleaning is to use the right products and procedures.

2. Avoid sleeping with the body wave wig

It is common for people to turn their heads while they sleep. Furthermore, it is not easy to sleep in one position all night long. Therefore, sleeping with your wig can encourage knots to form. The knots may impact the curly feature of your wig. Thus, you can choose to sleep with the wig once in a while but not daily. Avoiding sleeping with the wig can help in maintaining the wavy pattern.

3. Oil the body wave human hair wig

Oiling the wig is essential in maintaining the waves. The key consideration is that you should not use too much oil. While oiling, ensure to apply the oil from top to bottom. Also, ensure to be gentle while handling the oiling process. Oiling from top to bottom will ensure that your curls are well maintained. Furthermore, your wig will look almost new.

4. Always be gentle

The body wave human hair wig does not require too much rough handling. Therefore, in all your actions, such as cleaning, combing, oiling, or drying, ensure to be gentle. Rough handling of the wig can damage the hair, thus removing the curly pattern.

5. Avoid high power drying on your body wave human hair wig

High-powered drying is not healthy for the curl in your wig. Using too much power can damage or straighten your curls. Furthermore, too much heat can reduce your wig’s lifespan. Therefore, the best way to handle your wig is to let it air dry. Air drying will ensure that your wig has enough opportunities to dry well while still maintaining the S pattern.

6. Use curly cream

In the market, you will find a curl maintenance cream. The cream will ensure that your curls are in place. The only consideration is not to use too much of the cream. Too much cream can trap dust. Thus, destroy the new wig look.

Furthermore, you can choose to mix water and cream. Then spray it on your wig. It will ensure that your wig’s curls remain in place. Also, ensure to moisturize the wig as often as possible.


The body wave human hair wig is usually the go-to wig of most women. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to maintain the curls. If the curls straighten out, the wig loses its identifying feature. The above points will help guide you in maintaining the S-shaped pattern.