What Is the Difference Between 13x4 and 4x4 Lace Wigs?

What Is the Difference Between 13x4 and 4x4 Lace Wigs?

Wigs are the most fantastic accessories the hair industry offers. They help you add a trendy touch to your overall look. Whether a Halloween party or a formal occasion, wigs are your go-tos if you want an instant stylish appearance.

Hair closures are available in various sizes depending on customer diversity. Therefore, knowing the differences between them is critical. Both front lace and full lace hair wigs are available. However, a frontal wig is more versatile than a full lace wig as it is more breathable and easier to install.

Two common sizes in front lace wigs are 13 by 4 and 4 by 4. However, picking the right wig may require clarification if you are a new user. The following excerpt discusses the differences between the two types.

The Geometry of 13x4 and 4x4 Lace Front Wigs

The first figure, 13, indicates the area the wig covers between the ears. Hence, a 13X4 wig covers thirteen inches in between both ears. The next figure is 4, representing the section the wig covers from the hairline extending to the head's top. Since a 13X4 wig is a front lace wig, the hair strands are sewn in a machined cap.

A 4X4 wig covers 4 inches of space from ear to ear and extends 4 inches on the head's top. Typically, these wigs are placed on the horseshoe or the crown section of the head. Unlike the 13X4 wig, the strands of a 4X4 wig are hand-sewn on the lace cap. Although 4X4 front lace wigs don't give the expensive look of 13X4 wigs, they are easy to wear and are great for beginners.

Dissimilarities Between 13X4 and 4X4 Front Lace Wigs

Now comes the most interesting part. The following section talks about the differences between the two types. By the end, you'll know which one suits your use case.


The main agenda is to purchase a wig that gives the most natural look. A 13X4 provides a realistic look effortlessly. In comparison, a 4X4 adds a luxurious volume to your hair. However, the main challenge begins if you have a weak hairline.

A 4X4 wig is not ideal for weaker hairlines as it covers less ear-to-ear section. A 13-inch coverage will give a healthy touch to a receding hairline.


Wearing wigs in the summer season can be a struggle with little breathability. A 13X4 wig falls in the class of luxurious wigs. Therefore, they have super-quality lace caps. In comparison, the breathability of a 4X4 front lace wig reduces due to its hand-sewn cap.

Style Capacity

Everyone likes to follow trending hairstyles, and for most users, it is the basic motive behind purchasing a wig. A 4X4 wig covers are a smaller section on the head. Therefore, tighter styles like buns and ponytails are challenging to maintain.

In comparison, a 13X4 wig offers more style capacity. Everything stays in place throughout the day, from braids to receding hairstyles.


Lastly, there is the price. Although, you might have guessed which wig will take the lead here. But here are the facts. A 13X4 front lace wig is more expensive than a 4X4 one, as it offers more style capacity, coverage, and breathability. In comparison, 4X4 wigs are excellent budget-friendly look-provokers.

The Bottom Line

Wigs can miraculously transform your looks. However, you must choose the right wig to get your dream glam. 13X4 and 4X4 are the most bought wig variants. However, they have some underlying differences.

Regardless of the dissimilarities listed in this post, both wigs add a charming touch to your look. However, it is best to strike a balance between the use case and budget to make a worthy purchase.